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I spent a lot of time wearing pop culture tees and clothes that were way too big for me because I am a bigger guy. I felt I could make everything better if I hid in my clothes or that it would offset my size. I however did not like what I had to wear. I wanted to be taken more seriously and not just be a guy with funny shirts. When speaking with J. Epperton he gave me pointers about how I should wear things that accentuate my strengths. I am currently in a state of transformation due to working out consistently and he taught me what I can due using existing pieces that I already have. J. Epperton helped me focus and find my own style, he taught me the skills I need to put things together that work which are timeless and can be used for all sorts of occasions. I am no longer just the guy with the funny shirts, but I am someone who is taken seriously and gets the respect I deserve. Thank you J. Epperton.

— Marvin R.

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