How To: Perfect the Business Casual Look in Four Easy Steps

This weekend, one of our clients booked us for a Styling Session. He wanted to focus on looks that could go easily from business casual to after work events. We're all busy people. Whenever we select items for a client our goal is to find things that all work effortlessly together.

We have an exercise in the office we like to call the Toothbrush Drill. Our theory is, ones wardrobes should be simple enough to get dressed in the two minutes it takes to brush our teeth. To try at home, start off by turning on your iron or steamer, then begin the countdown! Within the two minutes it takes to brush your teeth, select your entire outfit from top to bottom. If you can, awesome! If not, your system can use some simplification.

After 2020, the world of fashion and the way we associate with clothing has forever changed. Our ties and suits sat in the closet as we sat at home. Zoom introduced us to meetings where pants were optional. Major brands have noticed, listened, and adjusted. The category of Athleisure-wear has SKYROCKETED since 2020. You might be 100% remote, or transitioned back into the office. One thing 2020 has taught me, taking care of ourselves comes first. A simple answer to a complex category, but one form of this? Comfort.

Luckily, there's amazing ways to achieve insane levels of comfort without sacrificing style. Say hello to high quality suiting with favorite sweat vibes. Best part about it, no one even has to know if you don't tell them. But what about the people who never had to go to work in a full suit? Business attire has come a long way.

Allow us to show you the rules to pulling off Business Casual in 2022 and beyond:

1. It's all about the layering.

Take a traditional business element, like a dress shirt, or a nice polo. Then layer it under an item more casual like a sweater. The same principle applies to the entire category. Want to wear a T-shirt? Take that crispy white tee and that sport coat you always end up getting compliments on and boom! My signature look I've donned as the Young CEO look is a well fitting hoodie and a sportcoat. But you can take a sweater and dress pants and accomplish the same thing. The options are endless.

2. Footwear should be the cherry on top, not the sundae.

Allow me to explain. Picture yourself wearing a suit and your sharpest dress shoes. This would fall under formal or traditional business attire. But picture take that same suit for a second. Swap out your double monk strap magnani's for a clean pair of low top leather sneakers. That one change completely alters the vibe of the entire outfit! You're now the the most stylish and comfortable guy in the meeting. Prepare for compliments and that big raise you asked for last quarter.

3. Quality of fabrics can make or break the business casual look for you.

You have to remember, business is the first element of the phrase. Represent yourself better, you're handling business after all. If you sit at the table, come correct. The fabrics don't have to be expensive, but they do have to look of a certain caliber. Lets focus on the T-Shirt for example. The ratty tee with pit stains will look like shit under a sportcoat, even if you're in one that cost $2000. The contrast is too far off. But say for instance, you grab one of Banana Republics Luxury Touch Tee's. Put that under a sport coat that you found on a Zara sales rack and I guarantee you'd get a better reaction. The scuffed shoes you love? Yes, I know they're comfortable. But put those next to the newers pants and sweater you're wearing and the scuffs are now amplified. Does that make sense?

4. Go for Comfort.