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How To: Look Instantly Better In Zoom Meetings

At this point, we've all attended at least one virtual meeting. In the beginning, it was a bit confusing, then after the 30th month of 2020, we started to catch on and adjust. Todays post is going to give you a few tips that you can implement today and leave you the best dressed person in any digital room.

1. Wash Your Face, Fix Your Hair

It's astonishing how many times someone will come on camera and have a business meeting looking as they just rolled over and opened their computer. Your presentation says a lot about you, and this says I don't truly care to be here.

2. Dress Appropriate Yet Comfortable

With us being at home as long as we have, my leisure wear has multiplied substantially. Comfy is the new cool. With that being said, you still want to put your best foot forward. and since no one can see that foot, keep those slippers on! I had a meeting at 8:15am the other day, but also needed to get my morning workout completed by 8:30. Best way to have a smooth transition? Business on top, party on the bottom. 2020 has been a year of surprises, and I'm telling you to dress like a mullet.

3. Sit Up Straight

This is a tip that you should do regardless if you're on screen or not. Psychologically, when we appear upright, others see us as more confident, trustworthy, and tend to hear what you're saying as truth. If you have trouble with this, I'd suggest looking into a back strap that helps pull your shoulders back. This is the one I use.

4. Great Lighting

The photos we tend to like more often are ones that are well lit. In a digital call, it allows the other person to feel more connected to you and helps eliminate that digital barrier. Set your workstation up by a window, try to host the meetings when there's optimum sunlight and shine baby, shine! If you're unable to get the natural sunlight, I'd recommend investing in a ring light. You can often find a decent one for $30.

5. Cool Backdrop

No one wants to see your dirty laundry in the back of the you. Have an art piece or a cool feature in your home you love showing off? If it's not too distracting, strategically place your camera to capture the dopiness you already have. My home office is apart of my bedroom, so I ordered greenery for the empty space above my bed. Not only does it look amazing on camera, it warms up my space and generally makes me feel better about being home so often. Example the glorious @gabyhemlok and her wooden slat wall. It's clean, simple, memorable, and highlights her perfectly.

6. Deep Breaths

Feeling nervous? We can tell. I often have a bit of social anxiety when presenting, or having an important call. Drink CBD Tea, make sure to meditate, and take time to b r e a t h. Leave yourself 20 minutes before the meeting to get your mental right. You're a badass, and you got this.

Whats a rule of thumb, or tip that you use to look your best in your work / school meetings?

Today's mantra: It's okay to set boundaries and limits to what people ask you. If you don't want to go, don't. It's not disrespecting anyone but yourself.

Stay safe and as always, be the best version of yourself.

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