Best Men Shorts of the Summer: 2021

The long ass winter is finally over, and it's time for the shorts to be broken out and the outside activities to begin. I'm writing this post from Michigan, which is known for its finicky weather stunning summers. Camping by the lake, hitting the trails with your pup, road trips to the beach or up north? Yeah, we have it all.

With that being said. I walked outside last week, and it skyrocketed from 45° on Thursday, to 88° on Saturday. I needed shorts immediately! I scoured the malls, so you didn't have to.Itried on the sizes and fits and will break down my top 3 picks of the 2021 Summer season. The best part? They're all the same price, $69.50. Now mind you I was focused strictly on the basics for my first haul of the season and will go back to grab funkier prints and patterns later into the season.

All of these shorts hit the sweet spots for ultimate comfort and style:

  • Hit right above the knee

  • Enough stretch for athletic thighs

  • Smooth and water resistant touch that's perfect for outside activities

I'm recommending the 9" for 9/10 of my clients because with the shorter inseam it visually adds length to your legs giving the illusion of a slimmer and taller you. It's not lying, it's playing to your strengths.

Option 1: Banana Republic | 9" Slim Core Temp Short

Their 9" Slim Core Temp Short are the option that I ended up purchasing in every single color they had. Not only do they look cool, modern, and sexy, but they are extremely comfortable! Best part is, Banana frequently has sales so the price I paid was somewhere close to 40% off. Pro tip, get one size up. I float in between a 32 and 33 and the 33 was a excellent fit as the 32 looked and felt too tight in the crotch area.

Option 2: J. Crew | 9" Stretch Chino Short

J.Crew is a staple store for us when styling clients looking for new staple pieces. Trust and believe, they don't disappoint on the summer collection either. They have a shit ton of color selections, and they all looked good dressed up and down. Toss on a thin sweater and grab your cutie for a nice bike ride.They didn't have any of the shorts on sale, so just know going in the price is a firm $69.50.

Option 3: Fabletics | The Only Short

If you asked me last year was was the one item from Fabletics I'd recommend, my answer would've been the Only Pant. They feel like athletic pants but look nice enough to wear to a meeting. With this summer, the release of The Only Short, the warm weather counterpart, my answer has shifted.They have the exact same feel, stretch, and benefits of dope ass pockets as the pants do but now I won't be sweating behind the knees.They have a few colors and are super comfortable.They only downside is that they are always sold out! So if interested, come the first of the month. I'm strongly suggesting to sign up for their VIP Membership program as the price goes from $69.50 for one to two pairs for $29. It's a hell of a deal...if you can catch it.

So there you have it folks. These are the best mens shorts in the game right now and I'd recommend getting a pair from at least one of the resources above. Stay safe, stay fly, stay kind, and always work toward being the best version of yourself.

Much love,

J. Epperton