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Black Marble
Black Marble
Black Marble


180 Style was created to help people see how amazing they are. At the core of our mission, is building confidence and providing exceptional service. Our Luxury Concierge Services & Wardrobe Styling has been experienced by hundreds of people who want to experience the better things in life.

​J. Epperton

  • FROM: Detroit, MI

  • LIVED IN: Detroit, and Tampa

  • GUILTY PLEASURE: Climbing things i'm not supposed to.

  • CATCH PHRASE – “Mmmm..mmm.mmm”, "DAYUMN"

  • SNACK OF CHOICE: Gushers, any flavor

  • ANDROID OR IPHONE – Samsung every time. 

  • FAVORITE SEASON – Fall baybayyy

  • COCKTAIL OF CHOICE –Strong old fashion with a dark cherry

Our favorite Things

  • Things that make us laugh

  • Tacos

  • Coffee or champagne anytime of day

  • A great food experience

  • Music

  • New Socks

  • Sparkling Water

  • Dinner with good company

  • Not waiting in lines

  • A workout that's challenging enough to make you swear a lot!

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